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Crowns and bridges are prosthetics fitted in place of damaged or missing teeth that help the mouth to function normally as well as improving its appearance.

Functions of crowns

Crowns are fitted over damaged teeth or dental implants to function and look just like real teeth, even matching the natural colour and texture of the tooth being replaced.

Crowns are made from durable materials such as porcelain and ceramic that can strengthen chipped, cracked or vulnerable teeth, as well as improve the appearance of stained or discoloured teeth. If you have deep cavities that make it difficult to preserve the original tooth, your dentist may recommend fitting a crown rather than a filling.

Fitting of crowns and bridges

Your dentist will take an image of your teeth to be sure of a perfect fit for crowns and bridgework, which may first involve removing some of the tooth’s outer surface. Our dentist in Subiaco may offer same-day crowns and bridges for convenience. Alternatively, a temporary bridge may be fitted while your bridgework is being prepared.

Once your crown or bridge is cemented in place, you will be shown how to clean and take care of it.

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