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Unlike most dental treatments that are carried out on the hard enamel surface of teeth, endodontic treatments involve dentists treating the soft tissues inside the tooth.

If a tooth is damaged by trauma or has deep cavities, the pulp at the centre of the tooth containing the blood vessels and nerves can also be damaged or put at risk of infection. These damaged areas need to be removed to restore the tooth’s normal function and alleviate pain.

Root canal treatments

Commonly referred to as root canal treatments, endodontic treatments involve removing damaged dental pulp and other infected areas, after which the tooth will be cleaned and sealed with a filling or a crown. If the damage is too severe, it may be necessary for the whole tooth to be extracted.

Root canal treatments are normally carried out under local anaesthesia so patients do not feel any pain. Your dentist may also prescribe medication to be taken prior to treatment. Patients are advised to quit smoking and avoid hard and sugary foods during recovery.

If the roots of one or more teeth are damaged and need to be removed, they may be replaced with dental implants to preserve the appearance and function of teeth. These durable implants function just like original tooth structures and look like the real thing too.

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