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If you or someone in your household snores, you may not have considered this to be anything more than an annoyance. However, frequent and loud snoring can be an indication of sleep apnoea, which can cause serious breathing difficulties and have a serious impact on a person’s quality of life.

Our dentists in Subiaco can offer treatment for snoring problems and sleep apnoea in adults and children, helping patients to breathe easy and get a good night’s sleep.

The dangers of sleep apnoea

Sleep apnoea occurs when breathing is interrupted during sleep for periods of 10 and 20 seconds. People with this condition may not get enough sleep due to these regular interruptions which can leave them feeling tired, irritable or depressed, as well as impairing their reaction times when driving and carrying out other everyday tasks.

Dental treatments for sleep apnoea

Sufferers of sleep apnoea will often turn to their doctor for help. Your doctor may recommend a consultation with your dentist to discuss oral devices. These devices are similar to mouthguards – they will bring the jaw and tongue forward to maintain airflow during the night, and can be successful for treating mild to moderate cases of sleep apnoea.

Surgical treatments

If your sleep apnoea is more severe and cannot be treated using oral devices, your dentist may recommend surgery to permanently open your airways. This may involve removing adenoids, tonsils and other soft tissues, or restructuring the jaw.

Sleep apnoea and children

Sleep apnoea can be more difficult to diagnose in children. Signs to look out for include loud snoring, restlessness during sleep and recurrent bed wetting or sweating. Tonsil removal is the most common treatment for sleep apnoea in children.

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