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Dental care and good oral hygiene are no less vital for children than they are for their parents. Getting your children’s teeth checked regularly will give you confidence that they are developing correctly and give you an early warning if any corrective treatments are needed.

Your child’s first dental visit


Dental care for children should ideally begin before their first birthday, as even growing their first teeth puts them at risk of cavities.


During their first visit, your dentist will offer advice on what to feed your child to help their teeth and gums develop the correct way to care for their teeth and how to avoid activities that put children’s oral hygiene at risk, such as thumb sucking.


Children’s dental treatments

If your dentist spots cavities or other problems during your child’s visit, they will recommend the most effective dental treatments to correct these issues, always keeping the child’s comfort in mind.

Any fillings, extractions or other children’s dentistry procedures will be carried out under anaesthetic to ensure the child does not feel any pain.

Preventative dentistry for children

As well as providing dental treatments, dentists can also teach children how to take proper care of their teeth. Your dentist should educate children on good oral hygiene practices, such as how to brush their teeth properly as well as advise them on what food and drink to avoid for the good of their teeth.

Preventative dentistry will help them avoid cavities, ensuring they will only ever need to visit the dentist for routine check-ups.

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