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Dental mouthguards offer vital protection for teeth during sporting activities.

Many sports carry a risk of serious injury to the teeth, jaw and other structures of the mouth. Contact with flying balls, bats and other players during sports such as cricket, football and hockey can cause teeth to the chipped or broken, while contact sports such as boxing and rugby can also put players at risk of dislocated jaws and injuries to soft tissue.

Wearing a custom mouthguard fitted to the exact shape of your teeth offers a protective barrier that will cushion impacts and allow you to safely enjoy your favourite sports.

Mouthguard fitting

Mouthguards should always be made by professional dental practitioners, who will create a mould of your teeth to ensure a perfect fit. When your new dental mouthguard is ready, your dentist will advise you how often to use it and when it should be replaced. This will depend on how frequently it’s used and whether your teeth are still developing.

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